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DD2 - 3 month update

* Age of your EC-child: 3 months

* We started at... birth

* Generally speaking we are doing... great. We are still enjoying our potty time immensely. I do wonder if I am creating a vain little girl, as she loves to sit on the potty and look at herself in the mirror a lot!

* How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing? Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?

We rely mainly on babyís signals at this point for general responses. She is at a stage where she wants to hold it for longer periods of time. We do offer her pottytunities before leaving the house on a car ride, and I am always amazed at how well she responds to this. We are currently trying to figure out poos, as she has started skipping days without the big poo that I am expecting. I tend to get on edge that the poo must be there, but it just doesnít seem to be.

* Which positions/receptacles do you use? We are mainly using the BBLP now. We still also use a variety of over the toilet, toilet w/insert, potty bowl, in-arms outside and over the sink.

* Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers? We use a mix of Delia Cover (size M) & insert, Bright Bots (size S or M), Snap Pants (size S or M), bíundies (size M), Poquitos (size L) Ė all depending on my mood and laundry status. It is nice to be using Janeís old trainers now. My medium Bíundies fit both girls right now. I am also starting to enjoy using the Bright Bots on Helen, as they just seem like baby undies in fit, function and form. I like the pull-up/down aspect, and it seems easier than working snaps sometimes. Now, I havenít missed a poo yet in them, so that may change my mind.

* How are you doing away from home? We are doing fairly well, but Helen seems to have become uncomfortable using the potty bowl. I donít know if that is because we use the potty bowl in any environment, thus many distractions or maybe she is developing a preference for a more appropriate potty place? I donít really know. Today she wouldnít go when I had her on the potty bowl in my lap, but when I then took her to the toilet she went right away.

* What are you doing at night? Delia Cover with insert is what we currently use. Little hemp usefuls (trifold hemp one-wet soaker) are easy to keep stacked by the bed and are easily changed out with a miss. Most nights are great with a long dry stretch, 1-3 catches, and 0-2 misses. However, we do have some nights that seem to be random (though I am sure they are not, probably related to my performance) with 4-6 misses and no apparent dry stretch. Many times Helen wakes at 2:30 for eating, but no peeing. That really frustrated me initially because I thought for sure she should need to pee, but most nights she does not. So those random high-miss nights really throw me for a loop because they seem so different from our other nights.

* Who takes baby to the potty? Me, sometimes DH

* Accidents - how many do you have and what times are especially accident-prone? I havenít figured out a way to keep track of how many accidents we are having, and it really varies widely from day to day. Our accident prone times . . . I canít even really keep track of that, as that seems to vary too.

* Other new insights: The girl definitely waits until I have to set her down to pee! There are times that I set her down to tend to her sister, brush my teeth/hair, do something that just finally needs to get done with a baby in arms, and I always seem to push those times a little too far. Sometimes it seems that just the act of being out or arms makes her pee. Of course, many of those times are in the morning which is a frequent pee time for us. Some days I get it, and some days I donít Ė but the more tired I am, the more misses we have for sure.

* What do you like most about ecing at the moment? I love putting her in little undies. She looks so cute in them.

* Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it? No, never, I feel sorry for all the moms who have not yet heard about it.

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