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DD2 - 8 month update

> Age of your EC-child...
8 months

> We started at...

> Generally speaking we are doing...
Well.  She has lots going on, like starting solids and learning to climb.  These have impacted our EC’ing quite a bit.  I am a bit freaked out by how “well” my baby eats.  I was planning to introduce solids to her at maybe the 8-9 months mark.  But her first food was the turkey that she *stole* from a little floor picnic Jane and I were having one day.  She ate a bit of that.  I did hold off until the 6 month mark with that exception.  Now at 8 months, she eats like Jane did at about 11-12 months.  She loves all foods, but only if she can hold and eat them (except she does let me help her eat oatmeal with fruit in the mornings).  She gets wickedly pissed at the whole *baby* food idea, and was terribly insulted by the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes we offered at Thanksgiving.  She wants to take bites and eat, just like the rest of us.  It seems so weird to me, and it has definitely been a struggle to balance how to appropriately feed an 8 month old from our table while maintaining good elimination and food sensitivity patterns.  She devours food, and her appetite often seems insatiable.  She still continues strong with nursing, and her weight seems appropriate.

> How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing?
> Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
I typically just *think* that she has to go.  Our poops have been difficult over the last month, as she has had her poops change substantially, mainly due to solids.  We have missed lots of poops in the last month.

> Which positions/receptacles do you use?
We mainly use the BBLP/clear potty, mainly on the floor.  We keep little potties throughout the house (each bathroom, bedrooms, living room, play room).  We also occasionally use a variety of standing at sink, in-arms over toilet, toilet w/insert and in-arms outside.  The “pee mats” still get a fair amount of use in our bathrooms.  If I think that Helen needs to potty, we will often go into the bathroom to potty together.  Many times she will get off of the potty and start playing while diaper-free in the bathroom.  There have been many occasions when she has then just peed on the pee mats or the floor.  That works well for us.

> Do you use diapers or training pants?
> On what occasions, what kind of diapers?
We use a mix of wp & nwp B’undies (sizes M or L), KISSes (sizes M or L), wp & nwp Snap Pants (sizes M or L), Bright Bots (sizes S or M), and Poquitos (size L).  When at home, we rarely wear pants, and mainly wear Babylegs with trainers.  Pants inhibit pottying too much for us, as they add to the difficulty of dressing/undressing and checking trainers for wetness.

> How are you doing away from home?
Fine.  I offer, and sometimes she goes.  If I find she has wet panties on, they get changed.

> What are you doing at night?
We often do really well, as she has been dry through the night more frequently lately.  There are still the nights that I end up with 3-4 wet trainers, and I often think that a food diary may help me identify a more specific “why.”  But I just celebrate the dry nights, and change often on the wet nights.

> Who takes baby to the potty?
Me, DH, our nanny and teenage babysitter

> Accidents - how many do you have?
> What times are especially accident-prone?
Accidents seem so up and down.  Sometimes we have lots and lots.  Sometimes we have only a few.  I don’t know if I will ever manage to get a good recording of our hit rate, but I still consider doing it occasionally.

> Other new insights:
It feels that I often read updates on the list from people who manage 0-4 misses in a day.  I am certain that I average far more than that, but as well, I am certain that I average far more than that in catches.  I sometimes lapse into wondering why we *seem* to have so many misses, but the most probable causes are things that are unlikely to change.  I do wonder how cultures have traditionally gained *potty training* at 6 months or even a year, because that is just so far from our experience.  I recognize that there are many factors that play into that, but I sure wish it more easily identified what we do differently (besides everything).

> What do you like most about ec’ing at the moment?
I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

> Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?

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