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DD2 - 12 month update

> Age of your EC-child...
12 months

> We started at...

> Generally speaking we are doing...
Great.  It is part of our routine, her signaling is becoming more pronounced, and her diet has definite impacts on *performance*.  We have had an incredibly busy month, and we have moved out of half of our house into the other half.  So, our day-to-day environment is different, but our routine has generally stayed the same.

> How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing? Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
Sometimes she walks to the bathroom, and sometimes she just fusses.  We are definitely better at catching poos when we stay on the morning poop cycle.  When that gets out of kilter for some reason (most likely dietary), then we tend to miss the poos that we see in the afternoons.  I do encourage prune juice consumption if she hasnít had the morning poo, and that has been getting the bowel movements going.  But I donít think that she is familiar with those sensations, so we just usually miss the poos after prune juice consumption.  So, we rely on all:  signals, timing and intuition.  Morning wake-up is a 100% reliable event for us (always for pee, usually for poos starting around 6 mo), and it always has been for us.

> Which positions/receptacles do you use?
We mainly use the BBLP/clear potty, on the floor in the bathroom.  We keep little potties throughout the house.  I still need to try the potette, but our other little potties are doing the job for us here.

> Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers?
We use lots of different trainers.  When at home, she rarely wears pants, and she mainly wears just trainers, often with babylegs.  When out and about with me, she wears super-trim trainers with a non-absorbent outer layer (like wool or fleece, pants or shorts).  We have started to do more of the WP trainers with absorbent pants, and that is going well for us too.

> How are you doing away from home?
We are doing better away from home, but that is in large part because I have started to be more proactive about creating the little potty space for her.

> What are you doing at night?
We are still doing awesome.  She is dry most nights, mainly from 9 pm until 7/8 am.   She wears trainers to bed, and she gives me plenty of time to get to the bathroom in the mornings now.  The one night that I recall us having a miss was recently when I allowed her to eat a Trader Joeís packaged dish that had cheese in it.  It also had other potential allergens.  But, we have been very low-key on any direct dairy consumption for Helen, so I wasnít terribly confused when we had an *unusual* night miss.  She happened to be wearing WP trainers, so I didnít recognize when she peed her pants immediately.  By the time that I noticed her trainer was wet, it was also cold.  I took off her trainers and offered her the potty.  I didnít realize until the morning that she had in fact peed in the potty too.  That was such an unusual event for her that I do have to suspect that dairy has a negative impact on her ecíing performance.

> Who takes baby to the potty?
Me, DH, our nanny and teenage babysitter

> Accidents - how many do you have? What times are especially accident-prone?
Mornings are more typical, as those are frequent pee times, she is dry when asleep, and she has long, dry stretches in the afternoons.

> Other new insights:
We do struggle with the whole diet thing.  I do not practice *elimination* in any of our diet (maybe that is a *yet*), but I do radically limit consumption of dairy and wheat in Helenís diet.  She has *obvious* issues, although if not for this list, I donít think they would be so *obvious*.  I was pleasantly surprised that my pediatrician totally agrees with my diagnosis of the dietary sensitivities in my girls.  And, much to my delight ;-), he didnít feel the need to convince me that elimination of the offending items was necessary.  But if I remove the ear filters I wear, he did say that they may *outgrow* the food sensitivities sooner if I would eliminate.  Dang guy is so supportive of our EC practices too!  I love him!!  If you need a recommendation for a cool pediatrician in Vancouver, WA, I would be happy to share his info.

> What do you like most about ecíing at the moment?
I love watching her play outside in nothing more than panties and pants.  Her cute little butt without a forced *diaper waddle* is absolutely delightful.  I also love that I donít ever buy disposable diapers, that I donít ever smell disposable diapers (except when encountering other kids Ė did you know that you can smell when they pee in those things, at least I can sometimes), that it is a really rare occasion that I have to wipe poo out of my little girlís crevices, that I am not entrenched in the idea that my baby has to pee and poo on herself, that I delight in holding my diaper-free baby and donít worry that she is going to be a *pee fountain at any moment*, and that I can offer support to other ECíing people that I encounter.

> Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?

> Tips for this stage . . .
Be less stubborn than your baby about potty location.  Specifically, I was being stubborn about not bringing the BBLP with us into the pool where we swim.  So, for months we were not doing well with pottying there.  Finally, I *cave* and bring the BBLP, and our pottying is going great there!

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