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DD2 - 15 month update

> Age of your EC-child...
15 months

> We started at...

> Generally speaking we are doing...
Good.  It is just the way that we do things, and I canít imagine it any other way.  I respond to her elimination needs in the best way that I can.  I encourage her to communicate her needs in the best way that she can.  And I reinforce that I will do everything that I can to respond to her elimination needs in a respectful manner.

> How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing? Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
Well, sometimes she just looks at her crotch, like ďcheck that out; what was that?Ē  That means I just missed it.  We do the wakeup potty visits, and offer based on timing/intuition.  We try to encourage morning poop routines, but we have more than our fair share of misses.  I typically just *know* when I have missed a pee, but I canít articulate the how/why part.  And, yes, sometimes she still surprises me, but that is usually when we have been doing independent activities.

> Which positions/receptacles do you use?
We mainly use the BBLP/clear potty, on the floor in the bathroom.  We keep little potties throughout the house.  I must caution that leaving a Potette potty around the house can be dangerous.  Um, on more than one occasion *blush*, I have found her *using* the Potette.  And since I never have a bag attached to the Potette, that means that she proudly sat on the potty independently and peed, and that was a wet spot for me to clean up LOL.

> Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers?
We use trainers and undies all the time.  Sometimes you will find her streaking around bare bottom, and sometimes we will play outside with no panties and a long skirt to cover her bottom (mainly to keep it clean).  I am especially happy that we now have EC-friendly flooring in a good portion of our house.  I am disappointed that we will be leaving our EC-friendly digs in a month LOL.

> How are you doing away from home?
We do fine.  I have started to space out my offers, and she has started to space out her pees.  We rarely (canít remember recent ones) have poops outside the home, but we are spending less and less time away from home these days.

> What are you doing at night?
We do great.  She is dry many nights, and the nights that have misses are typically easily attributed to diet or illness.  She wears trainers, and I try to keep her bum on a wool pad of sorts.

> Who takes baby to the potty?
Me, DH, our nanny and teenage babysitter

> Accidents - how many do you have?
> What times are especially accident-prone?
We donít keep track of misses.  Accident-prone times are when we are eating certain foods, like pizza ;-) or cucumbers or peas (not pees LOL).  But we still have lots of accidents all the time.  Or maybe we just have few accidents some of the time.  Shoot, I have plenty of trainers and donít feel pressured to get the laundry done, so we are doing great!

> Other new insights:
OK, I really should have kept up with my monthly updates for myself.  It would have been really interesting to me.  There have been SO many changes in the last 3 months.  It is very dynamic, and I tend not to recognize many things because it is just the way it is Ė why notice.
We traveled cross-country shortly after my last update Ė no biggie.  We stayed in cloth and offered the potty.  That trip was a catalyst for me to attempt some elimination diet trials.  About a month into our diet trials, we started our kitchen remodel.  I was all smug as we started demo, but 2 weeks in I realized that I was not prepared for an entire month without a kitchen.  I had managed to be prepared for 2 weeks, but in week 3 I was just happy to be eating.  We have since finished the remodel and recently moved back into the kitchen.  Of course, I am trying to now sell the house, we recently bought a new house 2300 miles away (another big project), DH is gone (2300 miles away), DH brought a goose home for me to take care of (apparently he didnít think I had enough to do LOL), taking care of the fish, the dog, selling the house (I said that already Ė anyone want a killer piece of property just north of Portland? ROFL Ė no, seriously it is amazing Ė absolute paradise) . . . OK, well, EC is just the way we do it.  I canít imagine trying to get to the store to have sposies on hand.  I canít imagine having even more trash to make sure that I got out to the curb.  I just canít imagine it any other way.  It is not something *extra* or *harder* that we do, it is just the way it is.  So, we have largely abandoned strict dietary changes, and I celebrate if I actually eat food in a day.  I am a typical American that has lost the inner jungle mama to help me know what I should be eating.  But I am working to regain that by taking baby steps towards the diet that I want to have for my family.  Of course, I am currently in a pattern of 1 step forward 2 steps back, but I can afford it as I made many steps forward several months ago LOL.

> What do you like most about ecíing at the moment?
Hhhmmm. . . there is nothing spectacular about ecíing to me.  I am so entrenched in the lifestyle that I just canít imagine it any other way.  Well, I donít like to imagine it any other way.

> Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?

> Tips for this stage . . .
Just go for it.  Do the best you can at any given moment, and enjoy whatever stage that you and your baby are at.  I am starting to tell Helen things like:  ďif you need to go potty, walk to the bathroom, and I will help you with your panties.Ē  I try to give her instructions that make it easier for both of us to communicate about elimination.  Sometimes it works, and often it doesnít.  But it is fun!

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