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DD1 - 20 month update

* Age of your EC-child:  20 months

* We started at...  3.5 months

* Generally speaking we are doing... great.  She is demonstrating more control of her body every day, and she is especially motivated to wear regular underwear.  It is really fun to see her play mamma Jane, especially when she potties her dolls or nurses her dolls while pottying.

* How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing?  Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
We use all of those – signals, timing and intuition.  I do allow myself to rely on her signals a lot, and we have mixed success with that.  We would probably be “more successful” if I relied more on timing and intuition.  However, we are enjoying the communication required to discuss how she can be more observant of her own body’s signals – that full feeling of her bladder and releasing pee from the bladder when given the opportunity.

* Which positions/receptacles do you use?  We use the toilet with insert, BB potty chair, BBLP, and toilet with physical support.

* Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers?  We use training pants, both waterproof & non-waterproof, and underwear.

* How are you doing away from home?  Most of the time we do great, but some days we have misses.  I am learning to offer potty to 20 month old before newborn or toddler will pee while waiting for newborn to potty.  I have even started carrying both a BBLP and potty bowl when out for long periods of time so that both girls can potty at the same time – makes it much easier.  The first month after her sister was born, my parents were taking Jane out and had great success with her EC’ing.

* What are you doing at night?  Recently changed to waterproof solution (SimplyCover & prefold/insert), as I am not able to always respond to her needs when newborn is nursing or pottying at night.  We have previously done training pants, and she use to be reliably dry at night.

* Who takes baby to the potty?  Me and DH, grandma and grandpa (my parents) when they visit.

* Accidents - how many do you have and what times are especially accident-prone?  Don’t count, but currently several (probably 5-6) most days.  Accident-prone times change frequently – she tries to keep me guessing.  If I stay on top of it with timing and intuition, we do much better.  emiLy shared the trick of giving water to Delia to get her to sit on the potty and pee, and I tried that today with great success.  Jane sometimes sits on the potty but doesn’t pee, even when she really needs to pee, and drinking the water while on the potty helped her relax to pee.

* Other new insights:  My milk coming in with the newborn really seemed to throw a hurdle to what used to seem like close to grad status.  She had some days of “Surprise” poos and often seems to have misses shortly after nursing sessions.  I lose sight of the volume of fluid that she consumes when nursing, but things seem to be settling back down now.  Of course, our recent success the last few days could just be that she is less hydrated with the suddenly warm weather we have had. 

* What do you like most about ec’ing at the moment?  That almost all poos are in a potty.  I struggled when I saw a toddler trying to get comfortable to poo in her diaper.  It was very strange for me to see a person do this.

* Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?  No, never.

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