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DD1 - 22 month update

* Age of your EC-child:  22 months

* We started at...  3.5 months

* Generally speaking we are doing... great.  We do more undies every day.  I am learning to better prepare the house to minimize the mess she makes with a miss, thus making me less stressed about misses.  Encouraging her to sit on fleece or wool throw blankets is one of my new strategies.

* How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing?  Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
She tells us most of the time.  Thanks to Meet the Fockers, she uses the sign for poop now.  Many times she does tell us either as she wets or without enough time to make it to an acceptable potty place.  She has started to sign “dirt/dirty” (back of hand under chin, palm down, wiggle fingers) when she has either pooped or needs to poop (more often than not now it is needs to poop).

* Which positions/receptacles do you use?  We use the toilet with insert, BB potty chair, BBLP, and toilet.

* Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers?  We use size 2/3 underwear and training pants, both waterproof & non-waterproof.  We are wearing fewer and fewer trainers every day.

* How are you doing away from home?  We do well away from home, especially when we let her squat and pee outside.

* What are you doing at night?  We still have the morning misses for various reasons.  Sometimes, she doesn’t wake enough to get anyone out of bed.  Other times, she gets out of bed and insists that she wants to nurse/eat/drink, and it is “no, no, no” to the potty.  Then she does not signal to go potty.

* Who takes baby to the potty?  Me, DH and occasionally herself

* Accidents - how many do you have and what times are especially accident-prone?  We probably have 3-4 most days, but the messes from misses are lessening.  Trying to keep her over fleece helps (changed the floor futon bed cover to a fleece type bedspread, have fleece/wool throws on couch and around play areas).

* Other new insights:  Sometimes I cannot determine where she was when she had a miss.  I get worried that my house is starting to smell like pee, but I just don’t realize it.

* What do you like most about ec’ing at the moment?  That she is very comfortable peeing and pooing on the toilet.

* Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?  No, never; I love it.

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