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DD1 - 26 month update

> Age of your EC-child...
26 months

> We started at...
3.5 months

> Generally speaking we are doing...
Wonderful.  Jane graduated at 23 months, and we still have occasional misses.  These seem to be fewer and fewer.  The last one I remember was simply because Jane took too long to actually get to the toilet (had to go get this and that before she went to the toilet).  She then peed in the bathroom after taking off her pants.  And then I wrote that out and something really strange happened.  Jane has had some misses lately.  At first they seemed related to illness, but then there also seems to be a pattern of misses when she is with a particular caregiver . . . dunno!

> How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing? Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
She just goes or she signals clearly.  I still go with her often, but she goes by herself most of the time these days.  

> Which positions/receptacles do you use?
She seems to prefer a little potty on the floor (note that these are available everywhere in the house Ė each bathroom, bedroom, living room, play room).  She also uses an insert on the toilet at home, and she uses a toilet without insert when we are out.

> Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers?
We use size 2/3 underwear.  She is starting to outgrow some of her smaller undies!  I remember when they were all so huge on her.  

> How are you doing away from home?
We are doing very well.  She seems more comfortable using the toilet in the restrooms while we are out, and that has helped quite a bit.

> What are you doing at night?
She has not pottied at night for several weeks now.

> Who takes baby (toddler) to the potty?
Herself, me, DH, nanny and babysitter

> Accidents - how many do you have?  What times are especially accident-prone?
We hadnít had a pee miss in some time, and then she has had some misses in the past week (since I started writing this).  These have been because she takes too long getting to the toilet.  I know one time she was at the babysitterís house (our neighbor), and Jane peed her pants because she didnít know where the bathroom was.

> Other new insights:
I am still trying to understand why she has had some misses with her babysitter recently . . . I am not sure what is up with that!  I wish I had insight on that one.  It just seems to be some growing pains I think - LOL.

> What do you like most about ecíing at the moment?
Not having to really think about her pottying too much.

> Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?
No.  I am so grateful that we have incorporated this into our lifestyle.

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