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DS1 - 3 week update

> Age of your EC-child...
3 weeks

> We started at...

> Generally speaking we are doing...
Awesome!  I cannot wrap my mind around *not* responding to this need of his.

> How do you know your baby has to go? Baby's signals? Timing? Intuition? Is there a difference for poos and pees?
Wakeups with deferred desire to nurse.  Popping on and off breast, although I give this some time because he also has a similar action to get let-down on occasion.  He is more verbal for poos, but we still have lots of poos that I expect them anytime that we offer.

> Which positions/receptacles do you use?
For daytime we use the classic hold (sometimes cradle-like classic) over the bathroom sink.  I tend to clean the sink while holding him over it to give him more time to relieve himself.  Often I position him off to the side since our sink is wider than it is deeper (going for longest trajectory in the sink).  For night I hold him in a seated position over a clear potty with potty warmer.  He is less floppy now, so we are finding all of the holds to work easier.

> Do you use diapers or training pants? On what occasions, what kind of diapers?
We use prefolds – infant and preemie – with prefold belt.  He also has a wool receiving blanket as a wrap of sorts.

> How are you doing away from home?
Well, we went out once in the past week. . . and he peed in the potty after waking.  It was great!

> What are you doing at night?
We offer the potty on the bed (cosleeping on mattress on floor, potty supplies on floor by bed) on wakings if nursing does not settle him or if I am fairly certain he is waking to pee (usually he is more verbal/grunting for needing to potty then).

> Who takes baby to the potty?
Me and DH

> Accidents - how many do you have? What times are especially accident-prone?
No accidents here!  We do have misses, but we are containing them well now while reducing our use of cloth.  Nighttime currently generates the highest frequency of misses . . . I think?  I have a really hard time paying attention!!

> Other new insights:
I just cannot fathom what I would do now with my baby if I were not responding to his potty requests this way.  He fusses to eat, potty and sleep.  He is quite adamant when he wants to potty, and it reminds me of how hard it was trying to “diaper-train” my first child (before we heard of EC with her at 3.5 mo).  It was really hard with her, trying to console her when she was fussy, but didn’t want to settle (probably because she needed to potty).  But back then, the idea of her telling me that she *wanted* to potty never occurred to me.  I was fixated on the idea that she would only tell me that she *had* pottied.  I just assumed that babies expressed discomfort at having a wet/dirty diaper, never even considering that my baby would be uncomfortable when she *needed* to potty.  It makes me chuckle a bit now because I can certainly understand the discomfort of *needing* to potty in myself . . . and I really do think that I was just *born* that way!  ;-)

> What do you like most about ec’ing at the moment?
I enjoy that it is a very effective way to help my son settle and be content.

> Do you ever wish you'd have never heard about it?

> Tips for this stage . . .
Using little wipes to cover snart marks and smaller backup (preemie size prefolds) is helping to keep laundry reasonable. I am not feeling the same pressure to get the laundry done that I was feeling last week.

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