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DS1 - EC at birth

On a late summer Saturday, our baby boy was born. We had a fantastic labor and delivery. This is our 3rd child, 3rd time ec'ing, and 2nd time ec'ing from birth. This is our first boy, and we successfully caught the first pee in his eye - oops! Each of our births has been with different providers in vastly different geographical and cultural areas of the USA.

We had a midwife for this delivery who was well aware, supportive and interested in our ec'ing practices, although she had never met any ec'ers before us. We also had a birth plan on file that detailed our intention to have a diaper free baby.

In the hospital we used:
-trifold inserts (12" x 12", 2 layer cotton/hemp)
-wool receiving blankets
-large, waterproof bag for the dirty stuff

We continue to use the same basic setup for ec'ing at this time: a wool receiving blanket wrapped loosely that holds one prefold or trifold insert under the bum and one trifold insert over the front or between his legs. I am the primary baby holder, so this is my setup. Dad has already asked where the *diapers* are, as this wrapping setup
feels awkward for him.

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