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DD2 - EC at Birth

DD2 was born in early spring. She passed her first meconium movement shortly after birth while on my belly and long before anyone had considering diapering her. I took her to my chest and held her. I don't recall anyone trying to diaper her. I birthed in a hospital birthing center and brought infant and preemie prefolds with me (and other cloth stuff that didn't get any use, except for the cover and insert she wore home). She laid in my arms all day and I just kept her wrapped in a receiving blanket (hospital's) with prefolds under her bottom. The prefolds were loosely in place, and if I ever thought she needed to potty or if she was pottying, I would cue her (pssss for pee, clenched tummy for poop) while trying to get comfortable holding her in a good position just over the prefolds while laying in bed. I fondly remember that first pee running down on my belly because the prefold had missed most of it. Know what? It was a little pee and not messy at all! We managed to catch meconium and pees by holding her over the prefolds in place and cueing. It was so, so, so incredibly easy to clean up her meconium that way. She had eliminated most of her meconium that first day.

Our responses to the standard question of "How many diapers?" that people ask in the hospital, was incredible delight when we would report such a volume of pees and poops in the short 12 hours we stayed (those were the longest 12 hours at the time!)

Hope that helps convey how much we appreciate starting the process at birth.

Additionally, I thought it would be interesting to share how we have evolved our diapering paradigm.

Our diapering continuum . . .

DD1, 3.5 mo, disposables
DD1, 4 mo, cloth diapers (mainly Little Lambs AIO's, tried fitteds w/o cover rarely)
DD1, 12 mo, cloth trainers
DD1, 22 mo, undies

DD2, birth, prefolds w/o cover
DD2, 1 mo, training cover and inserts
DD2, 4 mo, absorbent undies

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